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Yurts, originating as traditional nomadic shelters in Central Asia have evolved over thousands of years. Today the North American adaptation of the Yurt combines these ancient designs with contemporary conveniences. It uses high-quality timbers and robust, durable materials to create safe, unique, and re-locatable structures. These modern Yurts offer versatile applications, serving as additional bedrooms, living areas, homes, guest accommodations, tourism solutions, classrooms, and beyond.

What is a Yurt

Key Features


Central to a yurt's design is a compression ring at the top, from which wooden rafters and lattice extend downwards forming a circular structure. The design embodies a blend of physics and aesthetics, creating a durable and visually pleasing shelter.

Structural Design


High-quality, heavy-duty vinyl fabric protect interior timbers while blending with the environment. Customisation options, including a palette of colours, allow you to tailor each yurt to your personal tastes and requirements.


Although decking is not provided, there are numerous possibilities for designing a deck to extend living space.

Deck Designs

Creative use of space can make a yurt feel like a multi-room dwelling. Check out the gallery for interior design inspiration.

Interior Designs


Designed for both aesthetics and functionality, doors and windows in a yurt offer a warm welcome while providing views, light and fresh air.

Doors & Windows


All Yurts come with clear acrylic domes allowing captivating views of the sky, adding to the unique experience a yurt has to offer. 



Awareness of local building codes and permits is essential when planning to set up a yurt.

Building Codes

Setting up a yurt can be a DIY project or done with the help of a contractor, with pitching instructions available for reference.


Technical Specifications

Ready to make your yurt dream a reality? Our interactive builder lets you customize your yurt and get a rough quote instantly. Explore different sizes, features, and add-ons to create your ideal yurt within your budget.

Build Your Yurt

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