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How long will it take to get my tipi after I order?

Dependent on tipi size, options, and distance for shipping.

Can tipis be left up year-round?


What do you do for a floor in a tipi?

Preference by owner to purchase canvas floor cover or set up on a deck or wood floor.

What is an ozan?

An interior drop ceiling or inside rain cover that forms a canopy over the back third of the tipi.

What is a liner?

An interior cloth wall that insulates and controls airflow in the tipi.

How long does it take to put up a tipi?

Depends on size order but allow half to a full day with help.

What size tipi should I choose?

Size depends on your need - talk with one of our sales guides for guidance.

What ensures the structural integrity of a yurt?

The combination of compression and tension, with a central compression ring and radiating rafters, ensures a yurt's structural integrity.

What materials are used for the roof of a yurt?

A heavy-duty, industrial composite fabric with thermo-plastic alloy designed for durability and weather resistance.

How is the yurt insulated?

With Astro-Foil, a double-layer air-bubble insulation between aluminium sheeting, reflecting heat and maintaining temperature.

Can the wall fabric of a yurt be repaired easily?

Yes, the three-layer vinyl laminate wall fabric can be repaired on-site with brush-on glue.

What makes the lattice wall of a yurt unique?

It's made from clear, vertical grain Douglas Fir, machine sanded for a finished look, and can expand and contract like a gate.

How are the rafters and main cable of a yurt designed for durability?

Rafters are made from select stress-rated timber, and the main cable is galvanised aircraft cable, ensuring high strength.

What is the purpose of the roll-up wall feature?

It offers ventilation and panoramic views, allowing for an open and airy yurt environment.

How are windows integrated into yurts?

With screens, storm windows, and zippered privacy flaps for versatility and comfort.

What materials are used for yurt doors and doorjambs?

Handcrafted from clear, vertical grain Douglas Fir, finished with natural oils for a welcoming entrance.

How does the dome skylight benefit a yurt?

It reduces heat gain while providing natural light and includes a Euro-Dome lifter for enhanced ventilation.

Are there custom options available for yurts?

Yes, custom orders for specific color combinations and additional options are available upon request.

What roofing material is recommended for long-term durability?

Duro-Last Roofing, known for its tensile strength and warranty, providing decades of protection.

How does the yurt's design protect against climate extremes?

Through materials like high thread count polyester and clear vinyl storm windows that withstand climate extremes.

Can the yurt's interior be customized for specific needs?

Yes, interiors can be designed spaciously or with private sections using creative or traditional partitioning.

What are the benefits of Astro-Foil roof insulation?

It acts as a vapor barrier and heat reflector, keeping the yurt warm in winter and cool in summer.

How does the lattice wall adjust to size changes?

The lattice wall is riveted at intervals, allowing for expansion and contraction, ensuring flexibility and durability.

What wind rating do the yurts have?

Our yurts come with an upgraded option for a 160km/hr wind rating, thanks to heavy-duty CORR Brackets.

How is the yurt's door crafted for durability and aesthetics?

With three coats of natural oils on clear, vertical grain Douglas Fir.

Do I need special tools to set up my yurt?

Standard tools are sufficient, but having a knowledgeable person to lead the installation ensures a smooth process.

What foundation options are available for my yurt?

Options range from raised timber decks, concrete slabs, to earthen floors, adaptable to your specific needs.

Can I customize the interior layout of my yurt?

Absolutely! From simple partitions to full custom kitchens, the interior can be tailored to your taste.

Are yurts certified for structural and fire safety?

Yes, our yurts have passed engineering evaluations and fire retardancy testing in the US and Australia.

What kind of maintenance does my yurt require?

Occasional cleaning with mild soap and re-coating of wooden components to protect against weather.

How sustainable are yurts as a housing solution?

Yurts are highly sustainable, requiring fewer resources and energy to construct than traditional homes.

Can multiple yurts be interconnected for additional space?

Yes, yurts can be linked or attached to other structures for extra rooms or specialized areas.

How do I choose the right deck or platform for my yurt?

Consider your yurt’s diameter and your need for outdoor space to select between a simple or oversized deck.

Is it possible to integrate modern amenities like plumbing and electricity in my yurt?

Yes, yurts can be outfitted with modern utilities to enhance comfort and functionality.

How do I protect my yurt's wooden components from the elements?

Regular application of natural oils or stains can preserve the wood and protect it from weather damage.

Is the external frame on the Safari M.U.L.E. Tent universal to existing Destination Tents?


How is the Safari M.U.L.E Tent different than the “Legacy” tent?

The Safari M.U.L.E. Tent features interchangeable tent walls and a lodgepole exterior frame.

What does M.U.L.E. mean?

M.U.L.E. – Modular Utility Living Enhancements.

Can I install electricity in my tent?

Yes, if you have access to electricity on your property.

How do you store a tent?

Store it dry in a high-quality plastic trash can with a tight lid.

How long will a tent last?

Depends on the fabric, climate, time left up, and storage conditions.

How much does it cost to ship a tent?

Dependent on the tent size and shipping distance.

How long will it take to get my tent after I order?

Usually ships within a few weeks, depending on the order type.

Can Destination Tents be left up year-round?

Could depend on climate and regular maintenance.

What options can I add to my tent?

Several options are available.

What kind of platform or deck does my tent require?

Your tent is designed to be built on a rectangular, raised platform.

How long does it take to set up a tent?

Depends on size and options but usually takes a few hours.

What size tent should I choose?

We have three very versatile sizes of Destination Tents.

How long will a tipi last?

Each piece has different longevity - based on fabric, how long it is left up, and how well it is stored.

How do the smoke flaps work on a tipi?

Adjustments on the smoke flaps will need to be made based on airflow.

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