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Earthworks Tipis merge ancient design with modern materials, creating versatile shelters suitable for homes, events, and educational spaces. These modern tipis honor traditional structures while incorporating contemporary craftsmanship.

What is a Tipi

Key Features


Earthworks Tipis are designed with environmental consciousness in mind. Using sustainable materials and practices, these tipis not only provide shelter but also promote a harmonious relationship with nature. This eco-friendly approach ensures a minimal footprint and respects the legacy of the indigenous cultures that inspired their design.

Eco-Friendly Design


The beauty of an Earthworks Tipi lies in its symmetry of wood and fabric, standing strong against the elements and maximizing interior space.

Structural Integrity

Express your individuality with a hand-painted tipi. Choose from various weather-resistant designs, or mix and match to create a functional and artistic masterpiece.

Painted Tipis

Inside, the tipi transforms with fabric components that insulate, control airflow, and retain heat. Design a warm and cozy or cool and refreshing interior to match your needs.

Interior Designs


Each tipi is a testament to our commitment to quality, crafted with the finest materials and Timberline Standards for enduring satisfaction.

Quality Craftsmanship


Our tipis feature a unique, asymmetrical design with a crown of lodge poles, a smoke hole with adjustable flaps, and a liner for ventilation, blending physics and innovation for a shelter that's both safe and awe-inspiring.

Innovative Design


Understand the physics behind the tipi's design: the hand-peeled lodge poles, the smoke hole's location for optimal ventilation, and the liner and ozan for weather protection.

Building A Tipi

Explore a range of accessories and replacement parts to extend your tipi's life. Learn about proper care and cleaning to maintain its durable beauty.

Accessories & Upkeep

Technical Specifications

Imagine your tipi, a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Begin by exploring our tipi packages and get in touch with our skilled guides. They are ready to help you every step of the way, from conception to realization. Let's start this beautiful journey together!

Build Your Tipi

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