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Destination Tents offer a luxurious outdoor experience, blending comfort with the beauty of nature. Ideal for resorts, camps, and personal use as studios or guest rooms, they provide a versatile and unique shelter solution.

What is a Tent

Key Features


We adhere to the highest Timberline Standards, ensuring every Destination Tent embodies exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Trust in our commitment to provide a durable, comfortable outdoor living experience.

Quality Craftsmanship


Our tent covers offer watertight protection with top-grade, weather-tested fabrics. Durable and aesthetically pleasing, they ensure your tent stands strong against the elements for years.

Tent Covers

Choose a deck that matches your tent’s footprint or opt for an extended design for additional outdoor living space. Our decks are tailored to complement your tent’s aesthetics while adding functionality and comfort.

Deck Designs

Dive into our interior design galleries to find inspiration on how to infuse your personal style into your Destination Tent. From cozy to contemporary, design an interior that reflects your personality.

Interior Designs


Customize your tent for enhanced comfort. Options include effective temperature control, insect-proofing, extended weather protection, and mildew resistance, ensuring a pleasant stay regardless of the weather.

Tent Options


Considering a permanent or long-term setup? Our robust framework options are designed for the rugged demands of extended use, providing stability and durability.



Awareness of local building codes and permits is essential when planning to set up a Tent.

Building Codes

Setting up a Destination Tent is straightforward and not overly complicated. We provide clear instructions to ensure a hassle-free installation


Technical Specifications

Ready to bring your dream tent to life? Begin by exploring our tent packages, designed to cater to a variety of needs and preferences. Our skilled sales guides are here to assist you every step of the way, from conception to realization.

Build Your Tent

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